About Mc Nelly


Mc Nelly Torres is an independent award-winning journalist based in South Florida and former investigative producer for NBC6 in Miami. Torres is currently teaching an investigative reporting course at Barry University in Miami Shores.

In 2010, Torres co-founded Florida Center for Investigative Reporting. Torres has worked in five dailies across the nation. 

Her work in South Florida as a consumer writer for the Sun-Sentinel led to the conviction of a businessman with a history of defrauding customers, a state probe of a foreclosure-rescue firm and changes in state laws pertaining to foreclosure-rescue business.

She covered education for the San Antonio Express-News where her work contributed to the conviction of a school building architect.

In South Carolina, she garnered local and state awards for her investigative work on the state’s hog farm permit process. When she was a crime reporter for The Lawton Constitution, Torres completed a series of articles showing the sheriff department’s inability to solve homicides and the unmistakable similarities among several homicides in Comanche County, Okla. The Federal Bureau of Investigation began a probe into the deaths.

Torres was the first Latina to be elected to the Investigative Reporters and Editor’s Board where she served from 2008-2014. Torres also served on the Florida Society of News Editors board for almost three years.

Torres has trained thousands of journalists in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean in data journalism and investigative tools.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Colorado State University-Pueblo, formerly known as the University of Southern Colorado. A native of Puerto Rico, Torres has lived around the world while following a military husband who retired in 2005.

Contact information:
e-mail: torres.mcnelly@gmail.com
Twitter: WatchdogDiva

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